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A Full Service Since 1966


Since 1966

IMG started in the field of quarrying

in the seventies of the twentieth century. It first quarries for marble began production in 1970, and that of granite began its production in 1984.

At present IMG possesses 6 quarries for granite and marble, which are located in Aswan, the Red Sea, and in the eastern desert. A group of highly qualified experts and technicians are working in these quarries using the most up- to-date know-how, the sophisticated technological methods besides the modern machines of their diverse kinds and sizes. 


Granite Quarries

The following table shows the importance of the various properties according to the most frequent uses in the building industry with the ASTM standard codes (C119, C503, C615) for the various physical-mechanical tests used on materials for ornamental use


Galala Quarries

IMG consults the laboratories of the National Research Center, the Geological Survey Authority, Cairo University, American University and TEI (in USA) in testing the production of quarries and manufactured of marble and granite according to ASTM & UNI.

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