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A Full Service Since 1966


Since 1966

IMG owns three factories on a total space of 40,000 m2

in Al- Basateen, and 6th October City, with a total production capacity of 500,000 m2 per year, including in this the raw, polished slabs and the ordered sized of several finishing features. These factories are equipped with the most advanced machines and applying the sophisticated technological methods

6th October Slabs Factory

It was founded in 1988, on a space of 16,000 m2, in 6th October City, which is about 30 KM. from Giza pyramids. It is considered the first and the pioneering in Egypt for the production of polished granite slabs, with a total production of 270,000 m2/year, and of diverse types – 30% of the factory’s production is exported worldwide.
IMG expanded its factory of 6th October City, over an area of 10,000 m2, and is currently producing granite tiles, and marble slabs line. Its investment reaches 3 million Euro.

6th October Tiles Factory

The factory is new line factory for granite tiles and stairs production, founded in 2010 on an area of 10.000 m2 with total production 50.000 m2/year.

El-Basateen Factory

This factory was founded at the onset of the company in 1966, in Cairo, on an area of 4,000 m2, near the largest stone market in the Middle East. The total production capacity of the factory is 250,000 m2/year, of slabs and ordered sizes, 70 % of the production is exported worldwide.

Since 1966

IMG Machines & Equipment.

Right through more than 50 years of experience in this field, IMG has an exceptional and carefully selected team of experts, consultants, technicians and employees in all fields of production, technology and administration. They can be strongly dependent in running the sophisticated machinery and high technology used in all production, manufacturing and installation stages.

4 Marble Gang Saws
9 Multi Disk
7 Bridge Cutting Slabs
5 Polishing Line
7 Finishing Machines
3 Gantry Crane (35 Ton)
4 Overhead Crane (6 Ton)
1 Forklift (35 Ton)
1 Forklift (20 Ton)
4 Forklift (3 Ton)
2 Double Disk for Blocks
3 Wire and Single Blade
6 Granite Gang Saws

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1st Industrial Zone, Plot No. 152 , 6th October, Giza, Egypt

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